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What to Start With When Writing a Research Paper?

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First of all, you need to understand what a research paper is and what your instructor expects you to accomplish with it. Your research paper shouldn’t just be a list of the facts from various sources and consist exclusively of other people’s opinions. The information you find during the research stage should help you to draw your own conclusions and suggest an original point of view. Your paper has to bring something new to the discussion on this particular topic and make a contribution to it. Depending on the type of a research paper, you should come up with an appropriate approach to introducing your arguments. There are two main types of this kind of paper – argumentative and analytical.

  1. For an argumentative research paper, you have to choose a controversial topic and write a clear thesis statement for a reader to understand what point are you going to argue. You have to convince a reader that your viewpoint is viable. Be careful not to pick a topic that introduces a well-known and obvious fact, and all you will have to do is support it with even more obvious evidence.
  2. An analytical research paper is mostly focused on your research and suggests a fresh view on a given topic. There’s no need to persuade your reader, just to inform him of your point of view. You should analyze the information you’ve found and interpret it with the help of the knowledge you’ve received in class and your own logical thinking.

Another thing to keep in mind is the organization of your writing process. Writing a research paper is a pretty time-consuming assignment. Make sure to start working on it as early as possible. You’ll need at least a week to craft a decent paper. A great way to meet the deadline of your paper is to stick to a specific schedule. Simply decide how much time will you spend on the each part of a research paper and try to keep pace with it.

Choosing a Topic Is Not as Simple as It Seems

If your instructor provided you with a list of possible topics, you should choose the one that you find to be more appealing than the rest. It’s very important for you to be interested in the topic of a research paper because you risk loosing all of your enthusiasm and motivation at the beginning of the writing process. In case there’s no topic on that list that you find to be exciting to explore, you may come up with your own one and show it to your instructor. Remember that it has to be appropriate and relevant to the subject of your class.

It’s necessary for you to find the right balance between the topics that are interesting for you and the ones you can manage. If the topic you decide to choose is truly fascinating but requires some in-depth researching process that can take years to complete, you should think of something else. Also, try to narrow your topic down. If it is too broad you won’t be able to answer all the question the research paper asks you to.

A great technique to come up with a brilliant topic for your research paper is brainstorming. Simply grab a piece of paper and write down every topic that comes to your mind and you’d like to explore. The chances are, there will be a couple of good ones. If not, they can create various associations and lead you to something more appropriate. Once you’ve made your choice don’t expect this topic to remain the same till the end of your research. During it you may come across some vital information that will change the angle of your paper.

Research Is Boring but Inevitable

Before you start hunting on the books and scientific magazines related to your topic, you should have a clear understanding of what kind of information you want to find. Conducting a thorough research is boring not only because of its slow process, but also due to the fact that you’ll have to study tons of information with only part of it being relevant for your topic’s main idea. That’s why you might want to make some alterations to your topic and adjust it to the information you were able to find. Don’t include the data that doesn’t support your thesis or has no value in building a solid argumentation just to write at least something slightly relevant to the topic. It’s better to indicate the absence of necessary information available and move on.

Don’t forget about interviews and surveys being great examples of a primary research. It’s a big mistake to limit your research with recommended literature and internet resources. There are a lot of opportunities to find the necessary information elsewhere. If you are using the web to help you with your research paper, make sure to use the data from reputable sources. It will be rather disappointing if your argumentation is based on false figures. Use governments reports and legal documents to make sure your information is up-to-date and can be checked by your instructor.

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