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Writing an essay is very challenging for any student. It requires using special writing techniques to make your language more colorful, essay hooks to grab the attention of your readers, and, of course, spending a lot of time organizing your thoughts into a logical flow. No wonder you might need some help to craft the perfect essay for your professor. There might be several reasons for you to look for custom college essays for sale: lack of time, numerous assignments with tight deadlines coming all at once, etc. No matter the reason, is always ready to offer you an affordable college essay writing done by real experts.

Is It an Important Assignment?

Some students may think that writing a college essay is simply wasting their time. In case they already have good writing skills and know how to support their point of view, they won't receive any new knowledge fulfilling this task. But, actually, there's much more to an essay than that. This assignment helps your professors to assess your analytical skills, ability to build your argumentation and present information in a logical and comprehensive way.

There are four kinds of essays – narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository – and each of them has its specific requirements. Your professor would also be interested in your ability to pay close attention to them and following every guideline there is. Plus, it's very important what sources you use preparing for writing an essay. You have to rely on the information only from reputable and reliable sources. Students often think that the more sources they use the better, but it's not true. The golden rule here is to choose the ones which are relevant to your topic and provide useful information.

With this information in mind, you might want to use our help to craft a flawless essay. You should have no doubts of choosing Emergency essay over other custom writing services and this is why.

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You can be sure that every paper we write is 100% authentic and tailored according to your requirements. The issue of plagiarism is taken very seriously nowadays, so we would never risk your and our reputation by using a pre-written papers. Our writers use only reliable sources to find the necessary information. If you need them to use specific literature or particular websites you can state so while placing your order.

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We hire only professional writers with exceptional writing skills to guarantee our clients the highest quality of custom written papers. You will be assigned with a writer who is familiar with this particular topic and can share his knowledge of it. If you want to check the level of writing of the writer assigned to you, you may order a sample of his/her previous works. If it doesn't meet your expectations you can ask for another writer to work on your order.


It's a tough and serious decision to ask an online custom writing service for assistance. And sometimes it's also a high risk if you turn to an unknown organization you've never used before. We are aware of it and, therefore, have some guarantees to make you feel more comfortable using our service.

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We have a plagiarism detection system to make sure you receive a 100% original paper. All the writers at are aware of our plagiarism-free policy and abide its rules. Every paper is written from scratch in compliance with your comments and suggestions.

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If there's something in your paper you'd like to change we will gladly do it. Our goal is to guarantee your academic success and we are ready to make corrections so that your paper would meet your expectations.


Your personal information will be kept confidential. No one will ever know you asked us to assist you in writing an essay.

The Components of a Good Essay


Before you start writing you need to have a clear understanding what points you want to include in the essay. You need to generate as many ideas as possible to have enough material to work with. You won't necessarily use all of them leaving out the least relevant ones. It's also a great way to overcoming a writer's block. It will help you to focus on the topic and get into the writing mood.

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If you don’t have any inspiration and keep staring at a blank page just ask to solve your writing problems. You can buy college essays here and be sure to receive the best possible result. A lot of students get frustrated when asked to write an essay and choose its topic by themselves. We will help you out and come up with an interesting and appropriate topic for your essay. Order fast college essays here and give yourself some time to relax or focus on more important projects.


You shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the most important part of any essay is its introduction. Of course, the content matters as well, but an introduction makes your reader understand what to expect from reading it further. Your first paragraph should be noteworthy. If you don’t manage to interest your reader in the beginning the first impression will be spoiled.

In order to avoid this from happening you might want to use some of the essay hooks to make your essay more intriguing. You may start with a question, a quote, a startling statement or use some factual information. It will show that you’ve made some research and came across some exciting information on your topic.

Telling a first-person story might be very helpful as well. This will allow you to make a quick connection with your reader and get his/her imagination working. You may also include some humor if it’s appropriate.

Main Body

Make sure you include only relevant evidence to support your point of view. Don't overuse your supporting material just to reach the required amount of words. If you have nothing else to say and are sure you've proven your thesis you don't need to continue. Remember, that the limit of words aims to give you an overall idea of how many pages your essay must have.

Providing your reader with enough evidence is not enough. You have to make sure there's a smooth flow between paragraphs. The transition from one of your arguments to another has to be logical and easy to follow. Avoid listing arguments without building up a story or explanation around them.


Keep in mind that your conclusion must also be strong and convincing. All of the arguments you made in the main part should lead to this one statement you emphasize in the end. Make a reference to the introduction to emphasize that you've managed to answer all of the questions you previously raised. You may also end with a quote if it's appropriate and thought-provoking.

Your Way to the Academic Success

We know how important it is for every student to be successful in academic studies and get a good education. Besides, today's job market is very demanding and employers look for applicants with high grades and positive recommendations. That is why our professional writers are keen to do everything for your essay to stand out and impress your professors. The lack of time is a common problem for students all over the world and we help them to succeed. Ordering an essay will be a very useful and pleasant experience for you, as you’ll get an opportunity to analyze your paper and use the techniques of our authors in your future papers. It is sometimes pretty difficult to spot some of the drawbacks of your own writing. Analyzing someone else's essay may help to look at your writing from a different angle and make the necessary improvements.

When placing an order with our service you can upload all of the necessary materials our writers need to craft the best possible essay for you. You can even upload some of your previous works you've submitted before to this professor and our writers will try to emulate your style if needed.

Our pricing system is very flexible and allows you to choose the most appropriate option. If you have just one day left to finish your assignment our writers will help you meet this deadline.

A lot of students suffer from making unintentional mistakes in their essays. Proofreading must be an essential part of your writing process. Though online editors can check some of them, the can't dig dipper and find other kinds of grammar and spelling of errors. The most common mistakes are, actually, not misspelled words but misused ones. Our experts will check every word in every sentence and make sure your essay meets the academic standards. It is very difficult to spot all of the small errors on your own as our brain tends to filter them out.

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