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The final step of almost every writing assignment is annotated bibliography. It’s essential to cite all of the sources use in your paper to avoid plagiarism issues. It may seem pretty easy but in reality it is a major pitfall for a lot of students. You have to be very careful to include every reference and citation to this list. It is also very important to follow the guidelines of a particular format style you were asked to. Ever educational institution has its own norms in terms of format styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) and you have to specify this information before starting to write. If there’s not enough time for writing it, you are welcome to buy an annotated bibliography online with our service. It’s a pity to spend your precious time on listing the sources you used. Our fast annotated bibliography writers can help you save your time and spend it more effectively proofreading and editing your paper.

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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

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First of all, let’s specify what an annotated bibliography really is. It’s a list of citations to books, articles in journals, research reports, etc. you used in your paper. You need to follow each citation with a short description, the annotation. A lot of students don’t understand why they should waste their time on such a list. Isn’t it enough they’ve spent so many efforts on writing a decent paper? Well, the main purpose of an annotated bibliography is to demonstrate the credibility of your paper and convince a reader of the relevance and correctness of your sources. One more reason for writing an annotated bibliography is to help other researchers. It can be very useful for them to read a short evaluation of the sources before starting their research. You can look for some bibliographies written by other scholars before writing your paper as well. It will help you to know more about your topic and choose the sources effectively. So, it’s a really significant part of your paper and you should pay close attention to it. We can offer you custom annotated bibliography writing services of the highest quality.

There are several functions of an annotated bibliography, and you need to ask your instructor which ones are required in terms of your particular assignment.

  • Summary. Simply summarize the information and indicate the main idea. All you have to do is to inform a reader what is this book/article/report about.
  • Evaluation. Was this source as useful as the rest of sources you used? Was it useful at all? Does it provide its readers with relevant and objective information?
  • Your impression. In what way did this source help you in building your argumentation? Did it make you look at the topic under a new angle?

You can buy an annotated bibliography online with Emergency Essay any time you need some professional writing help. In case you’ve decided to cope with this assignment on your own, remember that the quality of your annotated bibliography depends on the sources you choose to use in your paper. You need to have a clear understanding of what points you’d like to cover in your paper. This will help you structure your research and not to spend on it more time than you should. To make the right choice you can:

  • make a list of questions you’d like to discuss in your paper
  • identify what kind of sources will most likely help you to answer those questions – books, scientific reports, and articles, etc.
  • check what sources some of the other scholars used for writing papers on a similar topic and use them yourself

Your annotation should summarize the central argument of a source. It isn’t enough simply to list the contents. You have to include the methods used and main conclusions an author came to. Here’s how to do it:

  • look for the thesis in introduction and conclusion of your source
  • find the reasons why the author makes a strong emphasis on some of the points
  • identify the approach the author uses to support his/her thesis
  • pay attention to the topic sentences of each paragraph to have a general idea of their content

One more tricky part of writing an annotated bibliography is assessing the sources you used. You need to state how these sources helped you with your research and what contribution do they make in the studies of your topic. Your impression is also very important for any reader of your paper as it gives an idea of your ability to critically evaluate the available material. These three questions will help you to make a reasonable assessment.

  1. Is the method used in the source the most effective one or there are more competent ones?
  2. Does it provide an analysis of the evidence you’d like to use in your paper?
  3. Do the source’s conclusions match with your own ones?

As to the formatting, it can vary. Make sure to specify all of the requirements before writing an annotated bibliography. As a rule, all of such details as the title, author, etc. are written in either MLA or APA citation format. The annotations are written in the form of separate paragraphs. If you’re having any problems with formatting, our fast annotated bibliography writers will help you in a blink of an eye. They are aware of all of the citation formatting styles and will bring your paper to perfection. is a reliable custom writing service with many years of experience in academic writing. We’ve managed to acquire a reputation of a trustworthy company providing custom annotated bibliography writing services because we value high standards of work and make everything to meet the expectations of our clients. We offer only original papers written from scratch and have a plagiarism-free guarantee. We want our every client to feel safe when using our service and, therefore, offer a money back guarantee. If something goes wrong with your order or we fail to find a writer to work on it, you can ask for a refund and be sure to get your money back, You’re welcome to read through our money back policy.

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