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Writing a descriptive essay requires spending long hours thoroughly choosing the most relevant words to paint a vivid picture with them for a reader. Even though it has a standard structure of introduction, body and conclusion, you have to be very careful with the topic you choose and terminology you use. Your descriptive essay has to be interesting and comprehensive. Using metaphors and analogies can help a lot in making it more colorful and memorable. If you don't have enough time for fulfilling this assignment you can easily order affordable custom descriptive essays at We provide fast descriptive essay writing services of high quality and deliver your papers on time. When you decide to buy a descriptive essay online with Emergency Essay you can be sure to receive an excellent paper written according to your expectations. You can also read through these helpful tips of our writers to know how to approach this assignment.

How to Paint a Picture with Your Words?

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It's a pretty challenging task to make your reader see and feel things by only using an excessive amount of adjectives. That is why using sensory details in your descriptive essay is an essential part of the writing process. You want a reader to see, smell, taste, touch and hear things with every sentence you write. Try to dedicate much of your description to the specific details and feelings this particular person or object cause you to experience. For example, it's not enough to write that a sofa looks very nice and cozy. You need to depict its texture, give some details of how old it is and the circumstances of buying it, etc. However, it's better to avoid using massive background information unless it's absolutely necessary.

The person or object you choose to describe can be very ordinary. You then start your essay with some general information that has no emotional impact on your reader. But there definitely should be a unique characteristic that makes them stand out from the rest. The person you write about might have a surprising habit or talk in a distinguished manner. Think about these things when choosing the topic for your descriptive essay. Choose something or someone you find to be interesting yourself. If you describe a place, you may also follow the technique of moving from general information to its specific features. You can include the information on its historical or emotional importance and describe why you chose to dedicate your essay to it. Brainstorming the ideas will help you a lot. Try to think of the surroundings, your memories and feelings connected to the topic. The main point is to decide on the purpose of your essay. Ask yourself, what impression should your reader have and try to contribute to it with every paragraph you write.

Remember, there has to be a smooth flow of the information. Your task is to make it as easy as possible for a reader to create the image in her head of something or someone you're writing about. Therefore, there has to be a well-organized structure of your essay. Don't just skip from one characteristic to another; stick to the logical flow of thoughts. Each paragraph has to focus on one specific characteristic.

As in any other kind of an essay, your introduction has to grab your reader's attention and give the idea of what you're going to write about. You might want to start with something that made the person or thing you're writing about memorable and impressed you. You have to create the desire to continue reading your essay further on. One of the biggest challenges of writing a descriptive essay is not to make it boring. Include metaphors, analogies, and comparisons to make your text vivid and engaging. Your thesis statement has to introduce your attitude towards the chosen topic. A reader has to understand if this particular person/object/place makes you feel happy or not, or if it's nice or ugly, etc.

Don't introduce any new features in the conclusion of your essay. It should summarize all of the characteristics you've already covered and highlight the significance of the topic you've chosen.

Revising and Editing

During the revising stage, you should always keep your reader in mind. Don't use vague descriptions and avoid cliches. Make sure to keep the right balance between being too specific and overly abstruse. Your word choice has to be precise using all of the five senses and creating an emotional bonding with your reader. Check if the details you've provided her with are enough to create a vivid image of the topic.

Pay your close attention to the possible mechanical errors while proofreading your essay. There should be no typos or grammar mistakes in it. Also, make sure you used an appropriate style for your essay and all the points you wanted to make are clear to your reader.

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