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Tips on Writing a Research Paper

Before starting to write a term paper you need to think everything through very carefully. The success of your paper depends on the good presentation of ideas and effective organization of the preparation and writing process. After all, this is exactly what your instructor wants to assess – your ability to express your thoughts in a smooth and logical way, analytical and time management skills, and your command of English. If you don’t want to buy custom written term papers for money, use this tips to optimize the process and stop wasting time in vain.

  • Choose an appropriate topic. There has to be the right balance between your interests and the material discussed in class. Choose a topic that is relevant to your studies and the one you find exciting to explore. If you already start yawning when writing the title of your paper, you should look for another one. Otherwise, you’ll end up suffering and spending enormous efforts on every page of your paper.
  • Start with an outline. This will help you structure your paper in a logical way and stay n the topic. A lot of students ignore this step trying to save their valuable time. But actually, a well-organized outline will save you even more time because you won’t have to return to the same part of your paper numerous times. It will also come in handy when making a research. You’ll know exactly what to look for.
  • Your introduction should be original and a real attention grabber. Use some of the well-known hooks to interest your audience in reading the paper further on. Practice shows that including shocking statistics at the beginning can be very helpful in attempts to attract the attention of your reader. Apart for its originality and creativity, your introduction should also inform your reader about the main focus of the paper, your expectations in terms of possible findings, and the approach you’re going to use. The introduction of your paper has to be a sort of a guideline for the audience; they need to know what to expect from it.
  • Write a clear and specific thesis. Your thesis statement has to give an overview of the whole paper and explain its main goal. Students often make a mistake of writing a thesis that is too general. Thus, it’s almost impossible for them to cover all the points in one paper. If you think your thesis can be narrowed done to a more specific issue, you should definitely do it. But be careful! A too specific thesis has its own drawback, such as the lack of information, for example.
  • Use headings and subheadings to organize the main body of your paper. A poorly structured text is extremely difficult to comprehend and creates more questions than provides answers on the important issues. To avoid possible confusion, each paragraph should discuss only one single argument. Use topic sentences to give your reader an understanding of its main idea.
  • Use transitional phrases. It will guarantee a smooth transition between paragraphs and make it easier for a reader to follow your thoughts. A cohesive text leaves a comprehensive picture in your audience’s mind making a positive impression of your paper.
  • Assume that your reader is not an expert on the topic. Give broad explanations on the terminology and the concepts that are not of common knowledge. You’re writing an academic paper and need to make sure a scholar would be able to understand your conclusions and follow your reasoning. Most students make this mistake because they see their instructor and no one else as their audience.
  • Be consistent with your style. Once you’ve chosen a specific style of writing, you should stick to it. Don’t try to imitate the approaches other writers use, but rather find your own, the one you’re comfortable using.
  • Always support your claims. You need strong evidence to make your point credible. Use facts and testimonies from experts to back up your arguments. The tricky part here is to use only the most recent information. If you provide numbers that are outdated and your instructor checks this information, there’s a high risk of decrease of your credibility.
  • The conclusion should make an emphasis on your supporting evidence. Highlight the evidence discussed in your paper and make the strongest point to support your thesis.
  • Don’t leave this assignment till the last minute. The earlier you start working on your paper the more time you will have for revision and editing. You can’t be sure how much time will your research take, so it’s good to have some extra hours. Plus, doing everything in a rush won’t be as effective as gradual preparation for writing a term paper.

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